Can Anything Prepare Us for Trauma and Loss?

Can anything prepare us for the effects of a traumatic experience and the consequential imminent prospect of losing a parent?

Maybe not, but I am finding that trying my best to find a positive focus amidst the distress and emotional turmoil and continuing to use my positive affirmations is helping me approach each day with a belief that this learning process is one that is making our family stronger and more loving and indeed more appreciative of each other and our parents. I am certain that, although painful and seemingly relentless, this experience is a valuable learning process for both personal growth and our family’s growth.

I am privileged to have been able to offer a supportive shoulder and calming words to my father through his distress and feelings of loss. So to I have immense gratitude for the growth of love and compassion for my mother within myself which after a somewhat closed and difficult relationship at times over the years has ignited a place in my heart and my soul affording me to offer thanks for each additional moment I am able to spend with her and offer comfort to her, not from a simple sense of duty but as a daughter who is thankful having finally learned to love and move forward from the past and its restrictive barriers to my  heart. I am so grateful for with this struggle comes healing, healing of souls, the growth of appreciation of the value of our lives and the precious time we spend together as individuals.

I know I will come out of this trauma a better person, a more grateful individual; I know that to be true because… I ALREADY AM.

Thank you Mum, I love you.



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3 thoughts on “Can Anything Prepare Us for Trauma and Loss?

  1. Professions for PEACE says:

    Laney this is a wonderful piece. It brought tears of compassion and shared understanding to my eyes. Yes I agree… you Already Are a better person. Here’s to the continuing evolution as we grow every day. Blessings and Light, Gina


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