Forgive the Silence

Please forgive the silence of my blog over the past few weeks we have just recently laid my wonderful mother to rest.

After a very long arduous journey and all her suffering our prayers were answered and Mum passed very peacefully. I’ve searched within myself to try and make sense of it all and reflection has helped me to see some positives….Mum’s struggle has helped my father and many of the younger members of our family to be more accepting of her passing; which had she gone in an instant they would certainly have found it all the more difficult to come to terms with. Love too has grown within our family as has patience, and my father’s love for my mother shines like a beacon for all to see. They were married for 57 years and his love and caring never waned, but instead grew stronger and more visible as the days with her grew shorter.

I am sure that my mother never knew her strength but instead saw her life of medical difficulty as her weakness; how wrong she was….She was everything I aspire to be; dignified in the face of anguish, strong in character and mind and with an inner strength that resounds and transcends all it encountered.

As I look about me now, and I see her wonderful legacy, alive and vibrant, full of love and spirit, bright and captivating, displaying love and caring and a myriad of talents and abilities; of course I am speaking of her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren who live on under her wing.  I am proud to have known her and proud to say that she is still and always will be, my mother.



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