Its the Last Weekend…

DSC00489So its finally here, the last weekend of the summer holidays.

Maybe you’re busy preparing for the children going back to school at the beginning of next week, or maybe you’re still enjoying  time away from home, or maybe you’re just going to enjoy the last few days with your family and not think about next week until it arrives.

Whatever you are doing, take a minute to think about your best summer holiday moments. What made you smile?

There have been lots of good moments throughout the six weeks, but I think, for me, some of the best moments were spent doing up our, somewhat overgrown garden. We spent many hours, during that week, grafting, chatting and deliberating over so many things and all in all it was good family ‘entanglement’ and fun.  Seeing my daughter determinedly battle with a seemingly endless supply of brambles, and my youngest son become quite adept with the shears brought smiles and laughter, but along with that also came a realisation that they were no longer little, they were now very much becoming independent young people; independent of mind, thought and spirit, and I remembered that I knew that feeling well, I’d experienced it before. That moment when you breathe as the birds grow wings, and you smile in that quiet place from deep within.

Then there was Strawberry Shortcake; I hadn’t laughed so much in ages…After having a major sort out and de-clutter, I was washing the soft toys my daughter had outgrown. As I went into the back, ready to empty the washing machine, I could hear a muffled noise that sounded like talking, but couldn’t fathom where it was coming from. When I opened the washer door I realised I’d just washed Strawberry Shortcake with the batteries, and she literally came out singing! Ha aha, forgot she could sing…

So, have a think about what made you smile, and share in the comments box below.

My best moments were_________________________.

Until Next time



2 thoughts on “Its the Last Weekend…

    • Laney says:

      Hi Julia,

      Children, even grown up ones, put life back into the house don’t they? Its amazing how its the little things that we miss when they’re away or moved on, and then we realise that they were not so much little things after all. On a lighter note, I bet you didn’t bargain for a free workout everyday, either, no wonder you were smiling!

      Take Care, Laney


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