The Power of Gratitude

After a busy few hours attending to some further organisation of my family’s participation in a very special fundraising charity event, (well, all the female members that is). I found myself quietly reflecting this evening, exploring within myself the motivation that led to our volunteering to walk some 8 miles in a charity walk.

When I first suggested the idea to the ‘girls’ and asked everyone if they would like to join me on the walk, to my surprise it took no persuasion at all. The arguement for our involvement and particiaption in the event, like a seed had already been sown. I simply nurtured that seed, first, as an idea and it was then cultivated the moment I presented it as a gift of ‘gratitude’. 

Gratitude for what, you might be asking.

Gratitude for something so big and so powerful that no further argument or persuasion was needed. That something is LOVE…Love for the lady in whose memory we are walking, and gratitude for the wonderful and dedicated people whose depth of warmth and kindness was and is remarkable. Support that was so greatly welcomed and deeply appreciated, support accepted with humilty and relief that Mum would be well cared for during her last hours. A profound sense of gratitude bourne from a melting fear that gradually disappated with the realisation that we were not alone after all, but a fear that continued to manifest and regurgitate in other forms as Mum neared the end of her time with us. The overwhelming  fear of knowing our lives were changing and we could not prevent it happening; a fear that gathered momentum everytime I saw the distressed look in my Father’s eyes as we waited for the inevitable; a heartfelt and intense fear as we prayed from within that Mum would pass peacefully after she had endured so much already, a fear of knowing we would never see our Mother and Wife again and how we would adapt to that, or even if we could.  Gratitude instantly cultivated from sadness and trauma and a knowing that such kindness could never be repaid.

No amount of money could ever repay the love and support and care that we ALL received from those very special people who had been total strangers until they knocked on Mum and Dad’s door the last day of her life. Strangers who came to help and comfort and who expected nothing in return…How could gratitude not grow in such a spectrum of emotion?

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