How Do You Box Up ‘LOVE’

So often we box up ‘love‘ or the thought of ‘love‘ into little packages based on our own intriguing perspectives –

Shared exuberances like delicious melting flavours from an expensive chocolate box, or all wrapped up in the warmth and cosiness of winter blankets in front of a cottage fire; sadly for some maybe more like the tangible emptiness of a forgotten or unfulfilled dream –

Maybe that’s why I loved the energetic and inspiring, thought provoking concepts shared within this video (that I received this morning from Dr Robert Antony) and the deeply riveting perspective bestowed as Jason Silva imparts his beautiful, philosophical take on ‘love,‘ and on life –

Take a look for yourself and see what feelings and ideas surface for you…How do YOU box up ‘LOVE‘  – Take a moment or two to find out… and don’t forget to share your thoughts using the comment box below.


Until next time,



©Elaine W Shaw 2014


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