I Like


It’s the Weekend…Time for family, friends and fun…Let’s take a few minutes and think about how good our life is, right now, in this very moment. You are enough, you have everything you need right now…Try this little fun exercise to focus your attention on the good things, the things you like to have in your life, but that we don’t always pay attention to. ..Let’s create a quiet space for more good to come in..

Jot down all the things that you like….to eat, to drink, to do, to see  e.g. I like strawberries, I like drinking ice cold water, I like the quiet of the early morning, I like mint tea, I like to relax with my favourite book, I like a cuddle, I like a hug, or two, or three, or…I like the sound of the sea, I like my Sunday roast, I like smiling, I like freshly laundered sheets…You get the idea. Just let your list grow, add to it each day. this helps you focus on all the good things in your life, all the things that make life feel good, make life feel easier, and more happy and fun.

Appreciate the smaller, everyday things in your life, and everything will begin to feel brighter and happier.

’till next time,



©elainewshaw  2016


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