Remembering Stength

  It's a beautiful day in some many ways, and for so many reasons. Its a brand new day, an opportunity for new beginnings, new smiles, new laughter, new memories and new thoughts, and maybe for thoughts of some old memories. Thoughts of cherished memories of cherished people, those we've loved and still love, even … Continue reading Remembering Stength


Chasing Your Dreams v Being a Mother

I have chased many dreams throughout my life, some have been purposeful and fun and others, well I suppose you could describe them as more nondescript – Some may say based on illusion, I prefer to think of them as learning footsteps, challenges from within, more seeking the real me or my purpose to being … Continue reading Chasing Your Dreams v Being a Mother

Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

I’ve been decluttering my home and my attic recently, and I never realised how much stuff I had accumulated. It became quite clear that when there had been no obvious real home for each item or the kids had outgrown something still in good condition, yes, you guessed it; I’d just stored it in the … Continue reading Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

Priceless Moment…So Simple….It’s Just LOVE

Whilst going through some of my photos, and of course they were more than thought provoking, I came across several that were taken last Summer when I enjoyed a picnic in the woods with my youngest daughter and four of my grandchildren. We had shared a really wonderful afternoon snacking in the shade whilst sitting … Continue reading Priceless Moment…So Simple….It’s Just LOVE


Read a beautiful post this morning. Of course it centred on love, this being Valentine's Day, but it centred on so much more, too. I commented that it was a gift, and it certainly felt like a gift, not one packaged with a bow, but a gift to the heart and to thought. The writer … Continue reading Love

With My First Book Ready to Publish

With my first book ready to publish, and the excitement of such an achievement racing through my heart and my very being, I am feeling proud and accomplished, and indeed creative. I am immersed in the joy of my success; success knowing I have completed a long-standing goal; success knowing the love I have bestowed … Continue reading With My First Book Ready to Publish

An Unexpected Key to the Treasure of My Heart

I was reminded today of the importance of the little things in life, and the memories of special times shared with our children as they are growing. And if, like me, you find that one day they are suddenly young men and women who have already gone out into the world or they are fast approaching … Continue reading An Unexpected Key to the Treasure of My Heart

The Power of Rediscovery

The New Forest, for me, is the epitome of natural beauty and freedom, with ponies grazing freely upon its idyllic and picturesque heathland contrasted with beautiful forestry and woodlands. Oh, to retire there! Amazing how we often forget special times spent together and all the happy moments we've experienced whilst on holiday once we return … Continue reading The Power of Rediscovery