Seven Wonders of the World Movie

Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle today that we naturally begin to take some of lifes most beautiful gifts for granted. I love watching this story unfold through the eyes of a child. Its a reminder that our most priceless possessions were given to us free at birth. via … Continue reading Seven Wonders of the World Movie


Just Thinking…

After reading one of the newsletters that I receive regularly I found myself thinking and reflecting - I'd woke about 6 this morning, and everyone was still sleeping, so after taking the time to view the beautiful, calm, blue sky through my living room window and feel thankful for all the opportunities that today may … Continue reading Just Thinking…

Never Too Late to Bloom by Pat Balvanz

Well, I have just finished reading an inspired book written by a special woman whom I have gotten to know in the virtual realms via our mutual participation in the Jack Canfield course. Pat Balvanz shares her perceptions of the dynamics of life and the personal growth of women who are experiencing life changes both internal and external as … Continue reading Never Too Late to Bloom by Pat Balvanz

The Power of Gratitude

After a busy few hours attending to some further organisation of my family's participation in a very special fundraising charity event, (well, all the female members that is). I found myself quietly reflecting this evening, exploring within myself the motivation that led to our volunteering to walk some 8 miles in a charity walk. When I first suggested the idea … Continue reading The Power of Gratitude