Friendship, What’s It All About?

Day 6 – For the Love of You Friendship, What’s It All About? It’s official, there’s actually a ‘Friendship Day,’ a special day in the calendar when we can celebrate our friends and our friendships. I guess that means we’ve been given time to think about those people in our lives who are special to … Continue reading Friendship, What’s It All About?


Just Thinking…

After hearing this song this morning, I found myself thinking...Yes, I tell that to my children virtually everyday, that they can be anything they want to be. that there are no limitations on their dreams and their wishes. That they can achieve anything they want to achieve. That they only have to believe it, to … Continue reading Just Thinking…

I Like

It's the Weekend...Time for family, friends and fun...Let's take a few minutes and think about how good our life is, right now, in this very moment. You are enough, you have everything you need right now...Try this little fun exercise to focus your attention on the good things, the things you like to have in … Continue reading I Like

How I Changed My Feelings About My Body

Isn’t it strange how the lives of others can sometimes affect our own?  A friend of mine recently had a ‘milestone’ birthday, which got me thinking and reassessing my life in lots of ways, probably because I too will be experiencing one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays, soon! Anyway, there’s no denying it, I’ve recognised lately … Continue reading How I Changed My Feelings About My Body

Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

I’ve been decluttering my home and my attic recently, and I never realised how much stuff I had accumulated. It became quite clear that when there had been no obvious real home for each item or the kids had outgrown something still in good condition, yes, you guessed it; I’d just stored it in the … Continue reading Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

Priceless Moment…So Simple….It’s Just LOVE

Whilst going through some of my photos, and of course they were more than thought provoking, I came across several that were taken last Summer when I enjoyed a picnic in the woods with my youngest daughter and four of my grandchildren. We had shared a really wonderful afternoon snacking in the shade whilst sitting … Continue reading Priceless Moment…So Simple….It’s Just LOVE


Read a beautiful post this morning. Of course it centred on love, this being Valentine's Day, but it centred on so much more, too. I commented that it was a gift, and it certainly felt like a gift, not one packaged with a bow, but a gift to the heart and to thought. The writer … Continue reading Love

I feel most …….

Stop for a moment and consider the following statement: I feel most abundant when....... What thought springs to mind? Add your thought word to finish the statement, then say it aloud - Use it as an affirming statement today.

How Curious Are You? And Does It Matter?

Curiosity: What does that conjure up for you? Teachers engage their students to develop and unwrap children's curiosity and create a sense of discovery as a key element in their learning. Writer's cultivate a path for their reader's to emotionally connect with their words and arouse a 'curiosity' through the personal images painted within the … Continue reading How Curious Are You? And Does It Matter?

Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…

The beautiful blue sky I woke up to this morning immediately fed my heart, and the smile that I felt paint my face also brushed lovingly against my soul. An inward smile and the fluttering, like butterflies gently kissing my life and speaking their language of beauty and love I was instantly charged with happiness … Continue reading Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…