Chasing Your Dreams v Being a Mother

I have chased many dreams throughout my life, some have been purposeful and fun and others, well I suppose you could describe them as more nondescript – Some may say based on illusion, I prefer to think of them as learning footsteps, challenges from within, more seeking the real me or my purpose to being … Continue reading Chasing Your Dreams v Being a Mother


Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

I’ve been decluttering my home and my attic recently, and I never realised how much stuff I had accumulated. It became quite clear that when there had been no obvious real home for each item or the kids had outgrown something still in good condition, yes, you guessed it; I’d just stored it in the … Continue reading Clutter, is it ever plain and simple, and just clutter?

Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…

The beautiful blue sky I woke up to this morning immediately fed my heart, and the smile that I felt paint my face also brushed lovingly against my soul. An inward smile and the fluttering, like butterflies gently kissing my life and speaking their language of beauty and love I was instantly charged with happiness … Continue reading Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…

The Road of Uncertainty

It’s here, silently growing like a perpetuating mass within and bringing with it a sense of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. A fearful essence that encroaches on your thoughts and your very being, like a small child who finds themselves lost. You can imagine what I mean, maybe you've even experienced it for yourself...You're travelling in unfamiliar … Continue reading The Road of Uncertainty

Sometimes We Awake and Experience

Sometimes we awake and experience a numbness, a low untriumphant feeling, you know what I mean, not necessarily unhappiness, but a feeling of stepping backwards, a knowing that you've strayed from the path, things don't feel right and you realise that things have been kind of drifting and going off balance, slipping back and you've … Continue reading Sometimes We Awake and Experience

With My First Book Ready to Publish

With my first book ready to publish, and the excitement of such an achievement racing through my heart and my very being, I am feeling proud and accomplished, and indeed creative. I am immersed in the joy of my success; success knowing I have completed a long-standing goal; success knowing the love I have bestowed … Continue reading With My First Book Ready to Publish