Have You Ever Felt Out Of Sync?

Have you ever felt out of sync? You know what I mean, when you have all good intentions brimming within but also coupled with a lingering shadow of self-doubt. Try as you might it just doesn’t let go, rather it holds on like a smouldering ember, a loveless mass that encroaches and gathers momentum. You’ve … Continue reading Have You Ever Felt Out Of Sync?


Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…

The beautiful blue sky I woke up to this morning immediately fed my heart, and the smile that I felt paint my face also brushed lovingly against my soul. An inward smile and the fluttering, like butterflies gently kissing my life and speaking their language of beauty and love I was instantly charged with happiness … Continue reading Was It Just the Blue Sky, Or Was It More…

The Road of Uncertainty

It’s here, silently growing like a perpetuating mass within and bringing with it a sense of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. A fearful essence that encroaches on your thoughts and your very being, like a small child who finds themselves lost. You can imagine what I mean, maybe you've even experienced it for yourself...You're travelling in unfamiliar … Continue reading The Road of Uncertainty

Sometimes We Awake and Experience

Sometimes we awake and experience a numbness, a low untriumphant feeling, you know what I mean, not necessarily unhappiness, but a feeling of stepping backwards, a knowing that you've strayed from the path, things don't feel right and you realise that things have been kind of drifting and going off balance, slipping back and you've … Continue reading Sometimes We Awake and Experience