Family History

Family history, the essence of me! An important and fascinating focus in my life. We all have a history, I knew that but I wanted to know as much as I could about mine. I have spent more than 18 years researching my family tree and our history, not just collecting names and dates but actively searching as much as I could about each person, where they lived, what an areas was like at the time they lived. Thinking about the influences around them, what their opportunites may have been or for many or even most of my ancestors the lack of opportunity. What influenced any movement around the country or even their emigration. What were the effects of remarriage and step families, unemployment and so on.

I discovered so much, not just about individuals, but about myself; how their successes, their trials and tribulations have influenced my life, the apparent strength of some and the sensed apathy of others. I found facets of myself and grew to love and care for many that had gone before and helped mould the world I was born into. So too, I discovered some who I had no affiliation or chemistry with at all.

I have formed cherished relationships with others along the way and discovered wonderful ‘conincidences.’ I discovered that both my mother’s Great Great Grandfather and my father’s Great Great Grandfather and their families were both in the same Derbyshire village at the same point in time, during the early 1800’s….Taking into account the size of the village at that time, the likliehood is that perhaps they knew of each other’s family…and people wonder why I’m hooked!

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